Contech Trading

Handel und Technik zwischen Ost und West

For 20 years we supply successfully European machine and equipment manufacturers. As a reliable partner we support the production of respected companies. It is one of our advantages to be able to solve complex tasks. We organize the fabrication of complex parts and full assemblies. Thereby we take care of the development, the full production and the quality control.
In partnership with CONECTA we dispose of know-how and experience. We efficiently organise the complete fabrication. The whole manufacturing process takes place in Eastern and Middle Europe, while the focus is on Poland, Ukraine and the adjoining regions.
Step by step, from the sketch to the completed product, whether dealing with raw material, mould or assembly – we vouche for a flawless production maintaining strict quality control. That’s what we stand for. We guarantee direct supply to our customers.
We also offer: rust-free and acid-resistant tanks, vessels, ducts and flanges. Cyclones, evaporators and mixers - rust-free and acid-resistant.
For further information concerning specific products and the process of theirs production please visit the website of our business partner CONECTA: