Contech Trading

Handel und Technik zwischen Ost und West

Project development

Developments exceed limits and set new processes free. New ideas lead to new plans, concepts, and finally new products: A thrilling process full of creativity which enables outstanding things to be accomplished.

If you have an idea of something you wish to be realised in Eastern Europe and you are looking for the appropriate region as well as for a factory and skilled labour. We will take care. We accompany you and your project from the very beginning of your planning to the satisfying completion of the production. Whether in matters of assembly, quality control and purchase of materials, we can rely on our conscientious partners.

Due to our persistent commitment to various regions in Poland, Ukraine and Belarus we guarantee a reliable judgement of the infrastructure and the economic situation. A clear sight on the local labour market is the basis for our personnel policy. The technical know-how ensures the functioning of technical processes.